NO regrets

About No Regrets:
The Ten Steps to Letting Go of Regret

The Ten Steps provide the structure through which to let go of your regrets. To let go of a regret means to come to terms with it intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually, and so remove its power to hurt you in the present. It means to release the guilt, anger, pain, and shame associated with it.

The Ten Steps are worked one at a time, in order, using the exercises and spiritual and psychological tools described in the book. If approached as a whole, the steps can be intimidating. Taken one at a time, however, they are far easier than they first appear. Each step will empower you to work the next, so that the movement through them can be quite rapid.

The Steps do not have to be worked perfectly. To work a step means to understand its principles and apply them to your life. Even some commitment to the Steps will bring relief. The greater the commitment, the greater the freedom. Progress rather than perfection is the goal.

No Regrets provides a self-contained program. A separate chapter is devoted to each step that includes specific exercises to help you work it.

The Ten Steps described in No Regrets are:

  1. Listing Regrets
  2. Examining Regrets
  3. Changing Toxic Thought Patterns
  4. Grieving Losses
  5. Making Amends
  6. Identifying Lessons and Gifts
  7. Developing Compassion
  8. Forgiving Others
  9. Forgiving Ourselves
  10. Living Free of Regret

By the time you get to the eighth, ninth, and tenth steps, working them will seem quite natural to you as part of the process of letting go of your regrets. What appeared to be impossible at the start will now seem both achievable and desirable.