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The Netiquette Guidelines

Staying On Topic

We have several lists set up for your use, each with a different charter of acceptable subjects. Please review them before posting. If you have a question about whether a post will be on topic or not, please send it to the List Guides first, and they will be happy to help you. Note: HWG-Basics and HWG-Techniques are general discussion lists with open topic charters; these lists allow for discussion of all areas of website creation and maintenance in a single list. The remaining lists have topic specific charters; please help us provide high signal-low noise lists by familiarizing yourself with the charters.

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Warnings of Content

For critiquing purposes (or any instance of requesting members to visit specific sites) a warning of commercial content is necessary. Some people construe being asked to such sites without warning as advertising. A notice will allow them to decide whether to visit.

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Do not post the same message to multiple lists (crossposting). Review the charter for each list and post your message to the most appropriate one. Please feel free to consult the List Guides of the potential lists. They would be happy to point you to the most productive resource. The List Guides can be reached at lg-listname@hwg.org.

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Language and Flaming

Posting extremely foul or abusive language aimed at a fellow list member is forbidden. This includes obscenities, verbal harassment, or comments that would prove offensive based on race, religion, or sexual orientation. (Determination to be made by the List Guides and/or List Guide Manager.) Our mailing lists are rated PG-13.

Watch how you express your emotions and humor within the mail. Due to the lack of vocal and nonverbal clues to our speech here, we often need something extra to read into a message what was intended. Also, remember that we have members in over 100 countries, and that some members may not have a firm grasp of the English language.

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HTML Posts

Many current email clients are set up to send mail in other than plain text format by default, RTF, HTML, attached files, etc. These settings render email unreadable by some members and are a larger strain on bandwidth, we ask that you do not use this features when sending mail to the lists. If you need help disabling non-plain text formatting, contact the List Guides for help. The e-mail FAQ provides solution to this problem for some e-mail clients.

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Edit Replies

When replying to a message sent to the list, you should remove as much of the original message from your reply as practical. Please include only that content necessary to provide a logical flow from the question to the answer. The absolute minimum down-edit would remove the header block and signature(s) of the originator and any subsequent poster's. Retention of a portion of a signature to serve as an identifier of the questioner is allowed. Additional editing is expected whenever practical.

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Private vs. List Mail

When replying to a message please decide if it's of general interest to the mailing list first. Posts that do not contribute to the thread content, are aimed at a single individual, or do not contribute to the increased knowledge base of list readers, should be sent by private e-mail to the subscriber(s) concerned.

For more information on general Internet-wide Netiquette guidelines, see RFC 1855.

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