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Welcome to the HWG-W3C mailing list

This list is used by HTML Writers Guild Plus and Associate level members for discussion related to the W3C -- the latest standards, announcement and news, and W3C happenings of interest to Guild members. If you are not a Plus or Associate level member, you may visit the Membership Information Page to find out how to become one.

Discussions of this type can sometimes be subjective in nature and can generate a great deal of strong emotion, as different viewpoints may be presented and debated. Please keep your messages on-topic, civil, and provide facts and references to back up any opinions stated within.

Information about the World Wide Web Consortium can be found at their website, at http://www.w3.org/; all participants on this list should familiarize themselves with the wealth of information found on that site.

The Guild offers a number of other lists that cover other, specific topics. For more information please see the Mail List home page.

Subscribers of the hwg-w3c mailing list are expected to follow basic rules of netiquette in a civilized manner; please read over the guidelines.

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How to Post

Each list has a different feel and different general community rules. Please spend some time listening in ("lurking") before post in order to get a feel for the way in which conversations take place.

You may post to the list by sending your message to:


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How to Unsubscribe

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List Owner

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List Guides

If you aren't sure whether this list is where you should be asking for help, then please feel free to contact the List Guides prior to posting to ensure that you are within the guidelines. They can direct you to the most effective location to post your question and they may be able to readily answer you question as well.

If you have a problem with what someone else has posted to the list, then you may freely respond to them in private email or notify the List Guides for the list. No "Guiding" is allowed on the list except by the designated Guides.

You may reach the List Guides by sending mail to lg-w3c@hwg.org

If you have a problem with an action taken by a List Guide you may address that with their manager(s) by sending mail to lg-manager@hwg.org.

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