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Are the netiquette guidelines considered important?

The Governing Board is concerned that the Netiquette Guidelines are enforced, however this is not considered the primary role of List Guides. Common courtesy is a concern to all members and should therefore be the responsibility of all members, both to enforce and to abide by these guidelines.

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How do I enforce netiquette guidelines?

Individual netiquette violations are not the primary concern of List Guides, and generally receive no official action. The "Mailing List Tip-of-the-week" mentioned in the weekly Administration FAQ is one way of addressing NG violations.

As a concerned HWG member you are encouraged to contact the person involved and inform them of their error and what is regarded as acceptable behaviour (you may wish to refer them to the Guild's netiquette guidelines in such cases). This type of response is not official so does not need to be BCCed to lmoms, however you may like to refer to these posts in your "End of Shift" messages so your fellow List Guides know what action has been taken.

It is only in extremely rare circumstances, when the cooperative atmosphere of the list is threatened that further action may be deemed necessary (See Standard Operating Procedures for further details.

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