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Mailing Lists

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Please read the Guild Mailing List Policy including the Netiquette Guidelines and Actionable Rules prior to posting to a Guild mailing list.

NEW The long awaited Plus Lists are now available.

NEW The HTML Writers Guild has released a new discussion list, hwg-graphics . This list is intended for discussion of the creation and use of graphics in web design.

Mandatory Subscription: hwg-news

As required by the Guild's Bylaws, all members are automatically subscribed to hwg-news when they become members. Any new lists will be announced in hwg-news.


Active Lists

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Guild Discussion Lists

Each Discussion List, with the exception of hwg-basics, is devoted to a specific topic or topics. Guild members are expected to stay on topic within each mailing list; if you are unsure which list a topic should be discussed on, either write to an appropriate List Guide or ask your question on hwg-basics.

  • hwg-basics - The basics of web creation.
  • hwg-business - Marketing, contracts, ethics, sales, etc.
  • hwg-critique - Requests for reviews.
  • hwg-graphics - Discussion of the creation, usage, and editing of graphics on the web.NEW
  • hwg-html - Discussion of the hypertext markup language and specifications.
  • hwg-newtech - Discussion of the newest Web-related technologies.
  • hwg-servers - Discussion of all aspects of web servers and CGI.
  • hwg-theory - Discussion of the theory of web site design.
  • hwg-webapps - Discussion of software applications used to support Web Site support and development.

Plus Lists

The plus lists are narrowly focused lists which enhance the Guild Discussion Lists. These lists are accessable only by "Plus" and "Associate" members of the HWG. For information on upgrading your membership, visit Membership Information.

Guild Administrative Lists

The Administrative Lists are used for Guild operations, including creation of new services for Guild members and Guild announcements. If you would like to become more involved in the HTML Writers Guild, you should consider joining one of the lists below. (All Guild members are automatically subscribed to hwg-news, as described earlier.)

  • hwg-news - Moderated Guild list for disbursement of Guild News and Announcements.
  • hwg-ops - Guild related business and operations.
  • hwg-survey - Survey development discussion list.
  • hwg-volunteers - Moderated announcement list for Guild volunteer needs.

Message Archives

The Guild maintains the following collection of archived messages:

HTML Writers Guild Mailing List Archive
This archive contains all messages ever sent to Guild mailing lists.

Defunct Lists

The following inactive lists have been replaced with the active lists above.

  • html-authors-guild (Original Guild List)
  • hwg-talk (Social Discussion)
  • hwg-main (General Discussion)
  • hwg-design (Graphics and Site Design discussions)

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