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What is my relationship with the Governing Board?

List Guides are the Governing Boards representatives to members on the HWG mailing lists.

The Governing Board believes that all List Guides, through adequate training and support, are capable of representing the Guild in this capacity.

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What is -lmoms and what is it used for?

Hwg-lmoms is the mailing list for all LG activities. It's proper address is <> and it is named after "List Moms" - one of the historic names for list guides.

All List Guide Program mail is required to be archived on this list. This is for the protection of the list guide, the list subscriber, the list guide program and the HWG. With consistent archiving, all information is readily available for internal review should any disputes arise or concerns be raised.

THE ADDRESS FOR LMOMS IS NEVER TO BE EXPOSED TO THE PUBLIC. All posts to subscribers should be either forwarded or Blind Carbon Copied (Bcc) to -lmoms.

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What TAGs are used in email subject lines?

The List Guide Program uses special "tags" placed in the subject lines of all official correspondence and all posts to the -lmoms address. This makes it easier to sort through the various topics on lmoms, and to emphasise or differentiate guide mail to the mailing lists.

The tags currently in use are:

From "ABnormal END of shift" - if a LG is not available when they were supposed to be there, then they ABENDed. Used to signify notification of future absence (in the case of leave) or explain past absences (in cases of computer/internet access failure). Generally only required if you will miss a normal shift.

Used only by the List Guide Management to disseminate policy. These posts are not open to discussion; they are policy.

Used for very rare occasions when mistakes are publically made by List Guide personnel.

Meaning "For The Record". Used by all Guide personnel to designate the logging of a subscriber response into the archive.

Used to designate all official posts to the Guilds mailing lists including administrative FAQs, and to provide direction or guidance to the lists.

INFO: subject heading
Used for official notification of violations to the actionable rules, these are sent privately and not to the public lists format: INFO: subject heading)

REQUEST: type of request
Used to officially request action by the LGM/VP with regards to a member, eg. requesting removal of a member from a list(s) or the Guild.

Used by guide personnel to designate a reply to a member.

Used to designate informal discussion of list policy, discussion, questions, answers, and day to day communication among guide personnel.

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Who can I ask for support or help?

There are many reasons why you may require support - for example you may need to confirm your interpretation of the rules or may not feel comfortable replying to a particular member or post.

In such cases it is good to remember that the List Guide Program is a team effort. You can consult the other List Guides on your rostered list via the lg-alias or all the Guides on the lmoms address. Alternatively you can contact a list guide who you feel comfortable talking to.

The List Guide Manager and Assistant List Guide Manager are always available to assist with any difficulties you may encounter.

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How quickly must I respond to violations and internal communication?

All HWG related email sent by the general membership to either your personal address or the HWG alias set up for your use should be responded to within 2 days from receipt. As representatives of the Guild, we must be responsive, particularly with electronic communication which is a fast-moving environment.

In cases where you cannot immediately answer a member's question it is recommended you send back an acknowledgement that you are working on the problem.

Response times to internal (volunteer to volunteer) mail should be answered within 3 days of receipt.

If you have a planned absence that will prohibit you from responding to email within the time limits above, you must send an ABEND notification to hwg-lmoms.

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