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How do I interpret the actionable rules?

A separate FAQ "Interpreting Actionable Rules" is available to assist you with this task.

How do I enforce the actionable rules?

The violating member should be informed that the Guild's lists are a privilege, not a right. and that adherence to the rules is an expectation of anyone using the lists. Failure to abide by these rules may result in removal from the lists. This should be explained in a mater-of-fact manner, and not as a threat.

The message should be BCC'd to lmoms for archiving purposes.

What if the offender is another list guide?

If a rule violation is caused by another list guide, then you should not send an INFO post to the person but forward it to the List Manager at <>.

What if a member repeatedly violates the rules?

Members will be removed from a list for willfully disrupting that list, not based on the number of violations. To remove a member, the List Guide must get the approval of the List Guide Manager, and must document, in one message, the extent of the disruption caused by the subscriber, together with the messages from the member showing the disruption. This should be forwarded to both the List Guide Manager and hwg-lmoms for general notice to other Guides.

Can I expel a member from the HWG for abusing/damaging the lists?

If a member refuses to cooperate with the List Guide and the options above have been exhausted as a means of dealing with the situation, then the List Guide may REQUEST the List Guide Manager to have a member removed from a list or lists. In extreme cases the List Guide Manager, by writing to the Vice President of Educational Services. that the abusive Guild member's status as a member of the HWG be revoked. From there, it is up to the Board to decide what is done, although the List Guide may remove the member from the list(s) in question.

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