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Standard Operating Procedure: Autoresponder Messages


Autoresponses are computer generated messages sent to the list by members who have gone away and configured their mail client to send "I'm away for the weekend" message (or similar) automatically to anyone who contacts them. In most cases the member will be unaware of the havoc they are causing. It is important to act quickly in such cases to minimise disruption to the list(s) involved.


Forward the offending post (together with a request that they are removed) to the List Owner at <> substituting the list name for "list" in the address. The List Owner <> should also be CCed.

Send an official INFO post to the person involved informing them that their name has been forwarded to the List Owner for removal from the list, why this has been done, and that they will need to resubscribe to the list in order to receive any further mail. You should add that in future they should unsubscribe from Guild lists when they are away for extended periods because repeatedly spamming a list is an AR violation and the Guilds list are a privilige, not a right.

If you already see such a post has been sent to a member, the List Guide on any subsequent lists affected also needs to contact the List Owner but needs only to tell the member (via a "Reply:" post) that since they have already been contacted about this matter, this other list(s) has been included in the process.

Follow-up Activity

Depending on the extent of disruption to the list, and after the List Owner has replied with confirmation that the member has been removed, the List Guide on duty may send an INFO post to the list informing members that the issue has been resolved.

Note: The Guild has filters installed to try and prevent such mail getting through to the list, but this will not stop every such occurrence.

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