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Standard Operating Procedure: Requesting Removal of a List Member


When members refuse to abide by individual INFO posts or are deliberately abusing, disrupting, or misusing the Guild's lists, List Guides may request the removal of a member (or members) from that list.


The List Guide should send a REQUEST: post to hwg-lmoms documenting the extent of the list disruption. If the List Guide Manager approves the request, the List Guide Manager will contact the List Owner and ask for the member to be removed. The List Guide will then send an INFO post to the member informing them that in an effort to prevent any further disruption to the list, their name has been withdrawn from the mail server. They are not to try and resubscribe (or subscribe under a different email alias) but may appeal this decision to the List Guide Manager. It is important that this post stresses the removal was made for the good of the list, and not as punishment, and that the appeal process is highlighted.

Note: Should the List Guide Manager fail to reply to the request within 24 hours, the List Guide may contact the List Owner and initiate the members' removal from the list.

A sample INFO post is included below:

Subject: INFO: <> Big JERK! (Was...)


The recent flame war on the Techniques List has degraded the quality as well as the educational benefit of our list. Two warnings were sent to the list regarding the unacceptable level of flames as well as requesting all members cooperation in getting the list back on track. The tone of your subsequent posts only continued the noise rather than contributing to the value of the discussion and as such unfortunately made it necessary for the List Guides to take further action.

In order to assure that the decorum and positive tone of the list is restored to one that is of value to the membership at large, your name has been withdrawn from the Techniques mail server. Do not try to resubscribe or subscribe under a different email address as this will only amplify the situation.

This action is not intended as a punishment for sending too many flames, but merely a means of restoring order to HWG-Techniques. Should you feel this action is too harsh, or feel there are mitigating circumstances that need to be considered you can appeal this decision to the List Guide Manager at <>.

List Guide

>From: "The Wise One!!!" <>

Follow-up Activity

Depending on the extent of list disruption, an INFO post to the general list may be necessary to restore order. This post should not mention specific details about individual punishments handed down to members.

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