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Standard Operating Procedure: Persistant NG Violations


This situation covers threads that are not only off-topic, but are also full of flames. This type of thread is counterproductive and needs to be terminated.


An INFO post should be sent to the list ot suggest that the topic is of no further value to the list, remind the members about the Guild's policy on flaming and restate the list charter.

Two sample posts are included below.

Example: Single thread involved.

Subject: INFO: [OT Flame] Quotes, Sigs, Ccs... (was: SEMI-TRANSPARENT GRAPHICS)

Hi folks,

For those of you who don't know, I'm one of the List Guides for -graphics. We work mostly behind the scenes to keep the lists running smoothly as possible.

While I can no longer insist that a thread be stopped, I can ask that everyone take a step back and a deep breath. It seems several have stepped over the line with these posts.

This is a list for questions about graphics, their use and creation. Can we all work to bringing it back on topic?

Please feel free to contact the list guides at should you have any questions about this matter.

Thank you.
S Ross
List Guide hwg-graphics

Example: Multiple threads involved:

Subject: INFO: Flaming

* please to not reply to this message on the list *

Good evening hwg-basics members!

Having read the various threads recently, titled "Name game...", "hostility", "hmmmmmm........." and a few others, I thought it time to remind all list members of the Guild's policy on netiquette available from:

This policy prohibits the use of Guild lists for posting abuse aimed at a fellow list member. This includes obscenities, verbal harassment, or other comments that would prove offensive.

I would ask you to watch how you express your emotions and humor within the mail. Due to the lack of vocal and nonverbal clues to our speech here, we often need something extra to read into a message what was intended. Also, remember that we have members in over 100 countries, and that some members may not have a firm grasp of the English language.

I would also remind you of the charter for this list available from:

The charter for hwg-basics specifically states:

"We'll cover all topics regarding authoring, so feel free to write about anything reasonably related to HTML authoring - there's no such thing as a stupid question here!"

Let us resume the list charter.

Thank you!

Chris Higgs
List Guide, hwg-basics

Followup Activity

The INFO post is basically a "thread closure" even though it does not specifically state as much. After a suitable delay to allow for email lag further discussion of the thread(s) may be regarded as deliberate abuse of the list and a violation of the Guild's Actionable Rules. While we probably do not need to remind the member of the Actionable Rules, we can request their compliance in closing the thread.

Sample post below:

Subject: INFO: <> Re: Ken Woods


I appreciate you feelings about the recent trouble on the graphics list, as a member, it also got under my skin! The LG program was changed a few months ago to be less of a "list cop" and more of a helper, hoping members would "police" themselves. For the most part, they do a pretty good job of it.

Since this has been taken care of, and you no longer have to read Mr. Woods colorful posts, i'm now asking those that contributed to this thread to no longer post to the list about it. We all want the noise to go down and the content to come back up, ignoring the urge to post to the thread is the best way.

Thank you, S Ross

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