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Standard Operating Procedure: Forwarding posts to the lists


Occaisionally members send posts to the List Guides instead of the main lists. In most cases this is unintentional, but sometimes the member just wants an answer from a forum without all the list mail.

Anything sent to the lg-aliases is considered private email. This means it cannot be simply forwarded to the public lists unless explicit permission is given.


If no permission is given then a "Reply:" post either providing instructions on how to post to the main list using the correct address, or requesting permission to forward the post should be sent.

If permission is given, then a FORWARD post can be sent. This post uses the "FORWARD:" tag to distinguish to list members that it is not a normal post.

It should also include a short disclaimer reminding members to CC the original author since they are not subscribed to the list.

A sample post is included below:

Subject: FORWARD: Switching to Windows NT

Techniques members:

This request has been forwarded from a HWG member not subscribed to this list. Please CC the original author when replying.

Ryan Fischer
List Guide, HWG-Techniques

At 08:42 AM 12/8/98 -0500, Sharon Jones wrote:

We have a web page with a Cold Fusion log-in form. I don't want anyone to be able to go back to cache for this page. Do you know of any html coding or cold fusion that can do this for me?

I'm a guild member but not a list member of Techniques.

Sharon Jones
Corporate Web Designer
Harris Corporation (

Follow-up Activity

The follow-up activity for this includes notifying the original poster that their message has been forwarded to the list. The simplest way to do this is to include them as a recipient (i.e. CC them) on the post sent to the list.

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