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Chapter 10

Netiquette Types of Violations

Note that a member more than likely has not violated ANY of these rules intentionally. Yes, they probably knew the rule was there and at some logical level they may recognize that there's a rule that they broke - but they will believe that it was justified. ALWAYS start by asking for their cooperation, then detail what it is that is required to be changed - which is their behavior.

There are 2 types of violations:

  1. Netiquette Rule - Friendly Reminders - Infractions that are irritating to other members, but which wouldn't normally seriously compromise the quality of our lists. Non-compliance with these rules result in a note from a List Guide pointing out the note deficiencies and suggesting how to improve their posting next time. Always request their cooperation in the matter. Be polite, assume that they did not know, or that they forgot, and that they are more then willing to comply with the rules. This is a friendly reminder. As List Guides you will personally deal with these on a daily basis.
  2. Actionable Rule - OFFICIAL NOTICE - Those infractions that may result in shutting down the list or make them totally worthless to the membership, or that put the Guild at legal risk. Breaking these guidelines results in either a warning or a suspension. Suspensions run from a minimum of one week suspension of posting privileges to ALL HWG mail lists to a maximum of permanent expulsion from the Guild. The suspension period will be decided on a per case basis by the Area Guide Manager or List Guide Manager dependent upon the severity of the offense.

Repeatedly willful and blatant disregard of the rules laid out for the lists will result in a member being removed permanently from one or more of the mail lists. This action will be taken at the direction of the List Managers. The member has the option to appeal to the Governing Board. A person who has been permanently banned from all the guild mailing lists, whether over a period of time, or at one time, may be forwarded to the Governing Board with a recommendation for removal from the Guild. All notifications and actions will be done in private e-mail.

Ignoring the probation period restrictions, or a second (2nd) Actionable Rules violation a 6 month period will result in a minimum 2 week suspension, with the maximum being four weeks.

If the transgression has caused problems on the list, the List Managers or List Guide Manager will post a "cease and desist" message to the list. Anyone violating the "cease and desist" statement will be treated as posting off-topic messages and issued a Friendly Reminder.

These violation types should be reported to the Management Team for handling by posting a RFA to the List Guide mailing list; you should not address them personally. Consider it a present.

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