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Mailing List Policy

The HTML Writers Guild offers a variety of mailing lists for use by its members. There are a small number of rules supported by the Governing Board detailing expected list participation. Subscribing to any list is an agreement on your part to conduct all list activities within those rules.

We have two distinct types of rules:

  • Netiquette Guidelines - These fall into the "things you should do" category, and failure to do so will usually result in a friendly e-mail from our List Guides, reminding you privately of the need to adhere to these Guidelines.


  • Actionable Rules - These are rules that we have set up over time, for things which we cannot/will not allow to occur on our lists. Breach of these rules will result in action from our List Guides, and can result in anything from a formal warning through expulsion from the Guild. It is very important that you read and remember these rules, because by posting to our lists, you agree to adhere to them.

The Guild does not "moderate" the mailing lists. Instead, we have instituted a List Guide Program. The Guides are available to teach and help on the lists, and also to monitor the lists for quality of content.

If you have any questions about these rules, or wish to ask the List Guides a question, you can send it to lg-<listname> (example:

Keep in mind that you are responsible for material quoted in a reply as if you had written it yourself. So, when replying to posts that violate our Mailing List Policy, make sure you edit out those portions which would cause you to violate them yourself.

Please note: We have attempted to outline a number of the more common behaviors that detract from positive participation and degrade the quality of the discussions within the mailing lists. If a type of behavior is destructive to productive participation within the mailing lists, then it is a violation of netiquette. The List Guides will collaborate to correct such problems using whatever actions they determine are reasonable and just at that point in time. Such dynamic processes are expected to occur within a real world environment.

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